Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009



checklist for work

My coworkers and I say these to each other all day at work.. it makes it super fun. I'll be neck deep in a really needy customer, about ready to lose it and someone will lean over their shoulder with a "good intensity, man". I won't be able to keep from laughing.
We recently added the "good work on the Tonkinson deal, that's gonna bring in 15 million to the company. SWEEET BONUS!!". It's good times!!!

good hustle.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I suck at keeping up with blogs

I don't know what my problem is.. all I gotta do is write something, hmmmmm. nothing. shit. well, I'll have more later, once I take a nap, drink a cup of coffee.....

watch Karate Kid online..
ummmmmmm, no nothing yet.
my focus is off writing. how do I get it back? did I ever have it?

This is getting too serious, too heavy.

burn some cedar incense, drink a couple of budweisers...
play some original 8-bit Legend of Zelda online....


Blog FAIL!
(just for today, tomorrow I'll have something)
someday my little baby blog will grow up and be a big blog, it will battle it out online.
an epic battle of good vs. evil with the balance of the world as we know it at stake... it will be out of control.. drama, intensity, electric. ohhhhhh and fun. Tomorrow!!! it is a new day!